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Kitchen manager at Hooters

Freshket offers competitive prices, flexible delivery time slots, and they open every single day!
Ah nam


Owner of Ah nam

Freshket meets all the needs of small chain restaurants like Ah nam. In addition to sourcing high quality ingredients, they also deliver on time and provide a variety of fresh and dried products across multiple categories. To put it simply, Freshket is a one-stop service where I can buy everything.
Divana Cafe


Project Director at Divana Cafe

Divana Cafe has been running so smoothly ever since we started using Freshket. Their system is easy to use and they delivery fast and on time but most importantly, Freshket source the highest quality ingredients and have a huge variety of offerings, enabling us to invent new menus for our customers all the time.
Ekkamai Macchiato


Owner of Ekkamai Macchiato

Freshket makes everything easier. It helps me save time and manage my costs much better.
Go-Ang Khao Mun Gai


Owner of Go-Ang Khao Mun Gai

With Freshket, information and data has never been easier to obtain. I can get insights on my restaurant costs, price trends, top products and more, enabling me to better understand my business much better. All of this information is essential for making informed decisions in this day and age.

Why use Freshket

  • Your one-stop shop for over 4,000 restaurant food supplies and counting

    We stock a wide variety of high quality products sourced from Thailand and beyond from farmers, manufacturers and importers. Find everything to cover all your restaurant needs. New products will be added in the future. We promise.

    100% Quality Guarantee

    Our ingredients are delivered fresh from the farm within 24 hours - cut, processed and ready to use.

    Place orders until 1 am with flexible delivery time slots

    • Open for delivery 365 days a year

    • Place orders by 9 pm (21.00) for 8.00 - 19.00 delivery times

    • Place orders by 1 am (01.00) for 14.00 - 19.00 delivery times

  • Unrivaled customer service team

    Dedicated team members are ready to help you 24/7

    Control costs with exclusive pricing

    Get special prices on products just for you with a 30 day guarantee and take control of your monthly food costs.

    Claim VAT easier

    Our online billing invoices make it easy to claim VAT

 Ordering from us is simple 
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